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Good quality water that conforms to congenital water standards

The body fluid in neonates consists of hexagonal crystal water (herein called hexagonal water) below 3 nanometres, and so is the embryonic water in pregnant mothers, From neonates to adults, the body fluid is made up of hexagonal water below 3nm that goes in/out of the cell membrane freely!

Our purifier produces water that is very similar to body fluid. As such, milk powder made with our hexagonal water enables babies to drink it 2-3 time faster, because water in breast milk is 99.5% similar to our hexagonal water. If you soak fruit and vegetables in hexagonal water, pesticide remnants on them can be effectively eradicated in 10-15 minutes, If you water plants and crops with hexagonal water, blooming flowers will last longer and crops will grow and taste better!

Hexagonal water from our purifier can gradually improve acidic body fluid so as to reinforce TCA in cells for effective energy. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and protein production, nursing and energizing again body into good health. The water quality exceeds the most stringent international water standard with 0-30 ppm in TDS. After drinking, there are no harmful substances to sediment in tissues or intracellular fluid, so that smooth hydration and metabolism is ensured.

The 3nm and below hexagonal water can cleanse arteriole walls and blood, effectively restoring the oxygen-carrying capacity and red blood cell to above 99.8%. End results adequate oxygen for intracellular TCA.
(PS: Preconditions for TCA: nutrients, oxygen and coenzyme A)